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4,449 young people supported in our first year

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The London Youth Gateway has had a tremendously successful first year!  We helped 4,449 young people who were homeless or at risk, from each London borough, by providing advice, support to access  accommodation, training, health services and much, much more.

Some of the key outcomes indicate the positive impact the London Youth Gateway has made on young people in housing need in 2013/14:

544 young people secured suitable accommodation, of whom

  • 251 were (on the verge of) sleeping rough
  • 62 were young offenders being prevented from becoming homeless upon release

3,025 young people reported improved knowledge and skills to avoid homelessness or sustain accommodation, with

  • 180 enabled to resolve housing debt issues
  • 171 attending independent living skills workshops
  • 1,173 saying they feel better able to manage conflict and improve relationships
  • 1,395 attending homelessness prevention sessions at schools and colleges

1,000 young people reported improved health and/or mental wellbeing, and

  • 459 mentioned having improved their knowledge of health issues
  • 327 accessed counselling services

614 young people accessed employment, education and/or training opportunities, with

  • 53 gaining employment
  • 179 apprenticeships and work placements being secured
  • 386 external training and college places being accessed

87% of our service users self-identified as having two or more protected characteristics, which also illustrates our success in proactively aiming to achieve equality of opportunity. Our beneficiaries themselves also confirm that engaging with the London Youth Gateway works: 85% of young people responding to our surveys said they are (very) satisfied with the impact we have made on their lives.

Keen to hear more about how we do this? Please contact the London Youth Gateway Coordinator ( or tel 020 7388 5560) and/or sign up for our quarterly e-bulletin here.

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