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We are delighted to confirm that the London Youth Gateway will continue to tackle youth homelessness in 2015/16! This enables us to build on our achievements of the past two years, during which we supported over 8,000 young people who were in housing need or at risk of homelessness.

Wondering how to refer to the London Youth Gateway? Please see below for some answers to regular queries about this:

Q – Do you work with young people who are non-priority homeless, for instance because of parental relationship breakdown or because they have unrealistic expectations about what help they are entitled to? 
A - Absolutely! Parental eviction, young people’s misunderstanding about their housing rights, leaving prison and gang problems are all well-known factors in youth homelessness. With decades of experience, the London Youth Gateway is geared up to work successfully with this client group.

When appropriate, we help these young people to find suitable accommodation. We also help via e.g. family mediation, advocacy, sitting down for a ‘reality check’ about housing options, solving housing-related debt, specialist young offenders and care-leavers’ support, addressing any underlying issues (such as communication skills, anger management, mental health) and much more. As a holistic project, the London Youth Gateway also offers services related to employment and training as well as health.

In short, the London Youth Gateway is an ideal referral and signposting option for young people presenting at local authorities as non-priority homeless.

Q – Do the people you support have to have a specific borough connection?
A - No, we work with young people from each of the London boroughs.

Q – How will you help 16/17 year-olds who present as homeless?
A - The London Youth Gateway cannot, of course, substitute any statutory duties of local authorities, so will link this age group in with appropriate services. We can however offer specific additional services or tailored packages to this client group. Family mediation, counselling, help with education and training, motivational activities and/or independent living skills development, for instance, can contribute to both supporting the young person and complementing statutory services.

Q – Do you work with young people who have no recourse to public funds?
A - Yes, we do.

Q – As a local authority or voluntary agency, can we refer into Nightstop accommodation, family mediation, LGBT support and day centre services provided via the London Youth Gateway?
A - Definitely! The London Youth Gateway is the London Councils‘ youth homelessness commission, offering free service options to complement statutory borough provision.

Q – How do we refer into or signpost to the London Youth Gateway?
A - Young people can both self-refer and be referred/signposted to the London Youth Gateway partners. Young people can also present at our drop-in and satellite services across London. For details of referral processes and to download referral forms, please access the click here for the partner page on our website.

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